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Your organisation faces a range of issues and challenges – from understanding customers and employees, to improving sales and pricing.

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Customer Insights

Getting closer to your customers

You need to build customer engagement, loyalty and advocacy – but conventional approaches fail to deliver. An intelligent approach to data is your key to delivering a great customer experience.

Understanding your customers and their behaviours

By bringing all your sources of customer data (structured and unstructured) together in a single data warehouse with integrated analytics, you can provide a solid foundation for your customer experience and acquisition initiatives.

Delivering a more personalised customer experience

Using a range of data science techniques across your customer data sources, you can provide more personalised service, support, guidance and recommendations to each customer.

Building customer engagement and reducing churn

Throughout the customer lifecycle, you need to identify reasons they may not want to continue or renew with you. With this insight, you can fix issues fast, ensuring customers feel valued and stay loyal.

People Insights

Bringing the best from your people

Your organisation needs to modernise and optimise work processes, while providing an enhanced experience for your people. Analysing your people data for new intelligent insights can help.

Dealing with disordered, disjointed people data

By integrating your people data on a unified platform, you can more easily apply your analytics and visualisation tools of choice to automate reporting and guide your decision-making.

Finding better answers to your workforce questions

By applying analytics to curated people data to enable interactive dashboards, you can answer a majority of typical questions immediately – so you can quickly figure out next steps for talent acquisition, development, management and more.

Protecting people data during analysis

Using a modern cloud-based data platform with built-in security, such as end-to-end encryption and secure single sign-on, you can ensure that only authorised users access your people data.

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Sales Performance

Enhancing your sales intelligence

Your sales team is a limited resource. You need to make the best use of your data to understand and optimise their ability to sell – and improve your planning and forecasting.

Going beyond CRM to advanced sales analytics

With a secure cloud-based data warehouse platform, you can take a data feed direct from SalesForce or other CRM system, and merge this with other relevant sales data. This creates an enriched dataset for applying advanced analytics and data science techniques.

Gaining a full view of your sales pipeline

Creating interactive analytics dashboards from your sales data enables your teams to easily compare performance between any two points in time, to quickly understand movements in the sales pipeline.

Turning prospects into customers

By applying data science and machine learning, you can spot new sales opportunities, identify those that that are at risk, and understand the key influencing factors – enabling sales teams to take the right actions.

Pricing Decisions

Ensuring your price is always right

Optimising your pricing strategy is a key route to driving revenue and improving profitability - but requires you to identify, manage and analyse multiple large and complex datasets.

Deriving pricing insights from multiple data sources

By collating all relevant data on a single platform, you can use analytics tools to explore different pricing scenarios, and understand how demand changes between your various markets and customers.

Analysing large complex datasets for pricing

With a secure cloud-based platform made for analytics, you can easily manage the large and complex datasets needed to develop a successful pricing strategy – supporting scenario modelling and option appraisal so decision-makers can move forward with confidence.

Creating long-term pricing strategies

By bringing data assets together from across your business and external sources, in a unified decision-making framework, you can quickly implement a multi-market strategic pricing methodology.

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