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Accelerate your analytics capabilities with the TrueCue Platform, a smart data warehouse automation platform built for business leaders on the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

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Discover a fast and cost-effective path to the benefits of analytics – with the market’s only fully SaaS platform for cloud data warehouse automation.

Smarter data management

Move quickly to data harmony

Choose a fully managed, smart data provisioning platform built for the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Our platform massively accelerates the delivery and maintenance of consolidated business data, using a simple no-code approach. Your unified data is then available in self-optimising models, ready for you to connect your BI and analytics tools of choice.

Simplify your analytics journey

Our complete end-to-end SaaS data warehouse platform is designed for organisations and business departments who want fast, reliable results from their data analytics, while minimising technical complexity. It uses AI and automation to accelerate and simplify your journey to an enterprise-grade data warehouse.

Automation for your data

Using our intuitive browser-based portal, the TrueCue Platform enables non-technical staff to bring data feeds into your cloud data warehouse. You can easily create a business-focused data model using its AI-assisted model inference engine. Automated data quality validation checks, customisable business data rules and full data audits ensure that data issues are identified, and that data owners are notified whenever their data is uploaded and processed.

Ready for cloud analytics

Better results, less effort

With the TrueCue Platform, you can improve significantly on the cost-efficiency and time-to-value of traditional data warehouse approaches. We help you accelerate the creation of your data warehouse, reducing timescales from months – to just days or hours. You can build and manage your data analytics platform without a large technical team, saving money and time.

An agile approach to analytics

Create insight and value by integrating and consolidating multiple data feeds into a single trusted repository – while ensuring the quality of data with our platform’s auditing and logging capabilities. You can manage the complexity of changing analytics requirements in an agile manner. Work with what you know today – evolving and scaling flexibly as things change. Our built-in automation provides best-practice out of the box.

Advantages of our trusted cloud

The TrueCue Platform is built entirely on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, leveraging its scalability, security and robustness. There’s no need to invest in expensive hardware, or worry about how and when to retire on-site servers. As the only fully SaaS offering of its kind, our platform manages all the Azure resources needed to develop and run a fully-automated data warehouse, giving you all the features and functionality – without any maintenance.

Securing your data

Confidence at the core of our platform

The TrueCue Platform has been created with the principle of ‘Secure by Design’ as a core pillar of its architecture. TrueCue is certified to the ISO 27001:2013 IT Security standard. We have extensive security and data protection controls in place for the TrueCue Platform, building on the security capabilities already in Azure.

Protecting your data for GDPR and more

Using the Microsoft Azure Cloud enables us to provide industry-leading levels of security, integrity, availability and resilience. By hosting your data in Azure, we help to ensure your compliance with EU Model Clauses and the requirements of GDPR.

Maintain full control and governance

As a true multi-tenanted environment, each TrueCue client tenant is logically separated to safeguard your data. We currently only host data on the TrueCue Platform within the EU region, and your data always remains in the territory of your choice.

Fast track to your cloud data warehouse

Our platform gives you an easy and cost-effective way to deliver a robust and scalable cloud data warehouse for analytics.

Secure by design

Your data is secured by encryption in transit and at rest, while access is restricted to your authorised users, with all platform activity fully audited.

Data management at your fingertips

Our platform’s intuitive user interface simplifies the build, deployment and maintenance of your data warehouse.

Agility meets data governance

Your data warehouse is designed for an agile approach and owned by your business team – but can still be governed by your IT team as needed.

Simplifying your processes

The TrueCue Platform simplifies and automates data warehouse design, physical build, data cleansing, validation and loading.

Automation saves time and effort

Our platform builds all the data pipelines for data ingestion and processing, whilst also designing and conducting data quality validations and auditing, providing data quality assurance.

AI-enabled data modelling

Using its AI-led inference engine, our platform reads your data and, automatically defines a data model suited for analytics. The more data you feed it, the more it understands the suitable model.

Leverage the Azure cloud

Our platform automatically creates all Azure services and security to ensure a scalable and secure platform for your data processing.

Smart in every detail

The documentation system built into our platform automatically records the details of your data warehouse and data feed specifications.

More advantages for your data warehouse

Pay as you go, scale as you grow

Our platform architecture enables your data warehouse to scale when you need, and to pay only for what you use. Built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, it provides the high availability and resiliency essential for business continuity, especially during a crisis.

Move faster to deliver business insights

Accelerate your path to cloud analytics with our innovative SaaS platform, designed to bring simplicity to your cloud data warehouse – so you can deliver the insights to understand your operations and make data-driven decisions.

Connect data from all your sources

We have all the connectors and APIs you need to bring your data together for analytics. You can import data from CSV files, Excel spreadsheets, SQL databases, Oracle systems, and many other formats. You can also create data feeds from a wide range of SaaS and cloud sources, including SalesForce, Google, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Simple pricing for your data warehouse on our platform

A key advantage of the TrueCue Platform is that you pay only for what you need – thanks to our SaaS flexibility and cloud scalability. Find the plan that’s right for your data warehouse and analytics needs.




Up to 2 admins
Up to 10 platform users
Up to 40 data feeds




Up to 4 admins

Admins (Builders)

Your administrators are the ‘Builders’ of your data warehouse. In this role, they are responsible for approving the import of new data feeds, scheduling and monitoring data load processes, and overseeing the quality of data.

Up to 40 platform users

Portal Users (Submitters)

Your authorised users act as ‘Submitters’ to your data warehouse. In this role, they are able to submit data (for administrator approval), while identifying any quality issues with the data they upload.

Up to 80 data feeds

data feeds

Our pricing plans are also based on the number of individual data feeds that are configured to be processed and managed by the TrueCue Platform.




Up to 6 admins
Up to 80 platform users
Up to 120 data feeds




Unlimited admins
Unlimited platform users
Unlimited data feeds

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