June, 2020

How data driven insights can highlight the quality of health and social care provision in England using CQC data

Data for Good Series

Joe Pickin - Analytics Consultant


The CQC is the independent regulator of health and adult social care in England. They make sure health and social care services provide people with safe, effective, compassionate, high-quality care and encourage care services to improve.

One of their key roles is to monitor, inspect and rate services of providers and release information on a monthly basis on how those providers are performing in the areas of Overall, Caring, Effective, Responsive and Well-led.


As such, on the 1st June 2020 the CQC posted their latest ratings – a 26.49 MB .xls file. One of the tables holds the latest scoring for all providers in the UK and contains 8,211 rows and 19 columns. People up and down the country, wanting to understand the data need to open up the spreadsheet and conduct their own analysis to answer their questions.

We have a situation of one version of the truth in terms of the underlying data, but huge amounts of duplication of effort, and siloed analysis of variable quality.

As a data and analytics technology and services firm specialising in data management and data visualisation, TrueCue saw an opportunity to help. Working in conjunction with Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust and Tableau, the leading data visualisation platform, we have developed a suite of dashboards that allows anyone to understand the CQC data.

We are currently working with a range of Quality and Governance experts to refine these dashboards and continue supporting healthcare organisations in their analytics journey.

The Dashboards

Our published workbook contains 15 dashboards, split into 5 main sections:


  • Overview (1) and (2)
  • Top Providers
  • Provider (1) - (5)
  • Comparison (1) - (5)
  • IMD & DQMI

View Dashboards

You can navigate through the dashboards in two different ways:

  2. 1. Using the dashboard tabs at the top

rueCue_CDQ Dashboards_Health_ Social_Care _Tableau_Navigation_Tabs_gif

  2. 2. Within a section, using the “Choose View” buttons

rueCue_CDQ Dashboards_Health_ Social_Care _Tableau_Navigation_buttons_gif


Every dashboard contains a standard set of filters at the top which reduce the number of providers in the dashboard. Note that these are most useful on the Overview (1) & (2) and Top Providers dashboards when you are comparing multiple providers.

TrueCue_CDQ Dashboards_Health_ Social_Care _Tableau_Filters_gif

I will now briefly go through each of the 5 main dashboard sections.

Overview (1) and (2)

These dashboards are designed to answer questions such as:

  • At any given time, what does the national overview of CQC provider ratings look like?
  • What is the geographical spread of ratings?
  • How does my provider rating compare to others, nationally?
  • How have ratings changed over time?

Some of the main functionality is shown below:rueCue_CDQ Dashboards_Health_ Social_Care _Tableau_Overview (1)_gif


rueCue_CDQ Dashboards_Health_ Social_Care _Tableau_Overview (2)_gifTop Providers

This dashboard is designed to answer questions such as:


  • By a given service/population group, which CQC provider is rated the highest?
  • Which local providers are performing well that I can learn from?

NOTE: for this dashboard and many others we calculate an average rating score based on following scoring system:

rueCue_CDQ Dashboards_Health_ Social_Care _Tableau_

When there is an option to split by service/ population group, we calculate the average rating score across all domains, excluding the “overall” domain. Conversely, when there is an option to split by domain, we calculate the average rating score across all service/ population groups, excluding the “overall” category.

rueCue_CDQ Dashboards_Health_ Social_Care _Tableau_Top Providers_gifProvider (1) - (5)

These dashboards focus on one specific provider at a time. They are designed to answer questions such as:


  • At any given time, what was my provider’s rating score for a given domain and service/ population group?
  • For a single domain or service/ population group, how has my provider’s rating score changed over time?

In the “Over Time” section, we have the option to toggle between choosing a particular domain or service/ population group to focus on, or to view the average rating score (as shown previously). This is the bottom toggle (see below).

rueCue_CDQ Dashboards_Health_ Social_Care _Tableau

The gif below only demonstrates at the “By Service/ Population Group” view – click the “By Domain” option to see the breakdown by domain.

rueCue_CDQ Dashboards_Health_ Social_Care _Tableau_Providers (1)-(5)_gifComparison (1) - (5)

These dashboards focus on comparing 2 or more providers directly.

They are designed to answer questions such as:


  • How does my provider’s rating score compare against another provider for a given domain and service/ population group?
  • How has this changed over time?

Note that the “Over Time” dashboards follow the same pattern as the “Provider” dashboards.

rueCue_CDQ Dashboards_Health_ Social_Care _Tableau_Comparison (1)-(5)_gifIMD & DQMI

These dashboards are slightly different to the rest, and instead focus on comparing the CQC average rating score to the either the CCG IMD deprivation or the Provider DQMI score.

They are designed to answer questions such as:


  • For a given service/ population group, how does my provider’s rating score compare to local deprivation or data quality?
  • Are there any similar providers to me (in terms of deprivation or data quality) that have a higher rating score, that we can learn from?

rueCue_CDQ Dashboards_Health_ Social_Care _Tableau_IMD & DQMI_gifTrueCue have a rich heritage of working in and supporting the Public Sector with data for good projects.

If you would to discuss any aspect of our CQC analysis, or would just like to chat about any business challenges you're currently facing, which you'd like to solve using analytics, please contact us today.

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