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Transform your use of data to drive analytics insights. Our services can help your organisation build and manage your data platform, develop stronger analytics skills and capabilities, visualise insights, and apply the latest data science techniques.

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Analytics enablement

Move up to a higher level of data analytics insights

Our analytics enablement services are designed to equip your workforce with the skills and technology needed to meet your long-term analytics ambitions.

Understanding your challenges

We work closely with you to understand your analytics goals, and develop your skills and technology. Our programme includes training, implementation of the right technologies, and measurement of success.

A heritage of insight

At TrueCue, we have operated our analytics products and services practice for over 10 years. We also have a strong heritage in training delivery – making us your ideal partner to help your organisation build its analytics capabilities.

Build your skill base

We can support and enable you to evolve from reliance on external analytics resources, developing the skills to do it yourself, using self-service tools for data and analytics.

Data management

Build your strong data foundation for analytics

We can help you manage and organise your diverse data assets, to establish a centrally-managed and governed data platform, fit for analytics.

Stay in control of your data

Our data management team can design, build, deploy and maintain a solution that supports your needs and objectives. With our expert consultants and data engineers, together with our world-leading technology partners, we can help you simplify and take control of your data.

Focus on your business goals

Your data management strategy should be driven by your desired outcomes. Our data experts work to assess your business requirements, to ensure that we connect the right data sources, at the right levels or granularity. Understanding your business challenges and objectives is vital in creating the ideal data foundation.

A model of data clarity

We help you find and manage the right data to address your business challenges. Our dimensional modelling methodology helps organise and store your data, making it ready for analytics. You gain full auditability and transparency on where data came from, its quality, when it was loaded, and who loaded it.

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Data visualisation & analytics

See clear visual insights from your data analytics

Our visualisation services help you bring your data to life – enabling your decision-makers to see, understand and interpret what’s happening across your organisation.

Visual insights for your people

Bring data insights to everyone in your organisation – not just technologists. Visualising your data removes traditional barriers, liberating the analysis away from IT specialists and into the hands of your decision-makers.

Tell compelling stories with data

At TrueCue, we believe that analytics must be visually engaging and intuitive. We help you transform complex data sets into captivating, interactive visuals. You can embed high quality visual analytics and dashboards into everyday workflows, to support decision-makers, empower people and drive processes.

Apply the best visualisation tools

Unlock the full potential of your organisation by enabling data-driven collaboration. We partner with the best platforms in the world to deliver high-quality, high-value data visualisations that make an impact throughout your organisation – driving business change through intuitive, actionable insight.

Data science

Apply advanced data science for deeper insights

Use data science and machine learning to decode the insights that are locked deep in your data. We combine our experience in data analytics and machine learning to help you answer your hardest business questions.

Sophisticated thinking for better answers

As you understand your data better, your questions become more sophisticated –requiring advanced data science methods to answer them. Using powerful machine learning algorithms to spot trends, you can predict future likelihoods and prescribe next steps. This takes analytics to the next level – and demands correspondingly high standards of data management and visualisation.

Take your analytics up a level

Conventional analytics may struggle if your data is too large in volume or fast-flowing, or there are too many subcategories, or too much ‘noise’ in the data. Standard reports and dashboards can become insufficient to identify trends and patterns. Multi-disciplinary data science methods using scalable cloud computing power can offer you more effective ways to extract the underlying patterns and insights in your data.

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