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Customer Analytics

Gain customer insights to build engagement

Our Customer Analytics solution brings you closer to your customers, ensuring you delight them with more targeted products and services. It helps you understand your customers – their traits, behaviours, and interactions with your organisation.

Be a sensitive and helpful brand

Don’t bombard your customers with irrelevant marketing content. Provide targeted and appropriate content based on their intent score – improving your perception as a helpful and trusted brand.

Maximise customer revenues

Understand what your revenue profile looks like today, forecast future revenue, and identify ways to increase it – such as by improving customer retention.

Predict and prevent churn

Use your data to explore factors that may impact customers renewing – and fix these before it’s too late. Provide targeted renewal opportunities, ensuring customers renew and remain active.

People Analytics

Understand and empower your people

Our People Analytics solution brings together employee data from across your core business and beyond, including HR systems and tertiary people-related sources. The result is a rich data asset ready for reporting, generating insight and predicting the future.

Get to the insights faster

Based on your people analytics requirements, we will co-design, build and deploy a suite of analytics dashboards for your wider business. You can accelerate the design and build, leveraging our existing dashboard catalogue.

Protect your sensitive data

Keep your people data secure with the TrueCue smart data provisioning platform in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Your data is then available in self-optimising models, enabling you to connect your BI and analytics tools of choice.

Picture your organisation over time

A key feature of our solution is the ability to provide snapshots of your organisation over time. This enables time-series analysis to answer questions on how your workforce is evolving, the drivers of change, and the impacts of your initiatives to tackle attrition, diversity and gender balance.

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Sales Analytics

Increase your sales with data-driven insights

Understanding your sales requires that you not only see what your pipeline looks like today, but also identify the drivers of the change over time. With predictive analytics, your sales team can optimise their resource, and focus efforts where the returns are greatest.

Go beyond CRM for vital advantage

By taking a secure data feed from your CRM system to our platform, you can easily merge in additional business datasets (such as HR, finance and targets data). You can also integrate with market-leading data science tools.

A smarter platform for sales analytics

Our Sales Analytics solution is tailored to how you want to run your sales process. It’s based on our TrueCue platform – a fully managed, smart data provisioning platform built for the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Start realising the benefits

Companies that get sales analytics right typically see 5 to 10 percent revenue growth, with the same or improved margins. According to analyst Gartner, 42% of sales leaders rate their sales analytics ROI as significantly higher than they expected.

Pricing Analytics

Optimise your pricing decisions with data insights

Our Pricing Analytics solution can help you implement a data-driven pricing strategy. Bring data assets together from across your business and external sources, in a unified decision-making framework.

Simplify your path to insights

Pricing is analytically complex and computationally demanding. It requires data that is hard to acquire and difficult to work with. TrueCue can help – our Pricing Analytics Solution does the heavy lifting for you.

Be prepared for confidence

You can configure various pre-calculated pricing scenarios, so that when it comes to analysing results, you can effortlessly explore the relationships between variables, building confidence in decision making.

Raise your game and your price

Businesses are using TrueCue to gain better understanding of customer segments, price sensitivity and willingness to pay. One manufacturer has been enabled to raise prices by 10-25% across a range of segments.

Industries we work with

We also offer a range of data solutions designed around the needs and objectives of specific sectors and industries. See how we can help your organisation.


Drive new analytical insights from data across your FMCG business – from planning, manufacturing and customer data, through to supply chain, finance, people and logistics. Interrogate your performance, and generate action plans to improve and grow.

  • Accelerate to data-driven answers in FMCG
  • Gain a clearer overview of your supply chain
  • Understand and improve your product quality
  • Drive new insights from market research data
  • Increase efficiency for your FMCG operations


Bring advanced analytics to your healthcare data on a secure unified platform – to improve patient care, drive efficiency and create better outcomes. We are specialists in healthcare data analytics, with a proven expertise in the sector’s unique requirements.

  • Meet your healthcare challenges today and tomorrow
  • Enhance your integrated care system
  • Simplify data management and analytics
  • Data strategy and analytics enablement
  • Access deep expertise in healthcare data


Empower decision-makers in your pharmaceutical business to move forward with data-enabled confidence. Maximise value over your product lifecycle with advanced analytics for successful pricing decisions, market access strategies and scenario modelling.

  • Your proven partner for pharma analytics
  • Drive value with multi-market pricing optimisation
  • Make better market access decisions
  • Enable scenario modelling at scale
  • Deploy the right capability mix for your pharma data

Public sector

Implement a data and insights driven decision-making culture in your public sector organisation – moving beyond traditional static reports to modern analytics and interactive dashboards on a unified data platform. We can help you provide your leadership, stakeholders and managers with organisation-wide metrics, transparency and insights.

  • Data expertise for your public sector challenges
  • The right capabilities for your data needs
  • Integrate your data from across disparate sources
  • Create your Analytics Centre of Excellence
  • Deliver analytics enablement and training

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